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Here at, we have all information you need to help you take care of your betta fish. You can find articles on the basics of betta care, tank setups, food and diet, general health, first aid & disease prevention, and much more!

Additionally, we have a wide selection of products and supplies specifically designed for betta tanks. These include everything from decorations to filtration systems, as well as a variety of food options. Whether you need advice on setting up the perfect tank or help to treat a specific health issue, we have everything you need to ensure your betta fish lives a long and happy life!

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step by step how to change betta fish water safely and properly

The Ultimate Betta Fish Water Change Guide

In this blog post we will show you step-by-step how to change betta fish water safely and properly. So you can enjoy owning these delightful creatures without worrying about whether they’re getting enough care or not. It’s easier than you…

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Betta Fish Care: Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide

Are you passionate about betta fish and looking to become a betta expert? Betta fish have been around for centuries and they’re one of the most unique types of aquarium inhabitants. With their vibrant personalities and beautiful features, there’s no…

Do Betta Fish Need a Filter

Do Betta Fish Need a Filter? No!

No, betta fish do not need a filter! Although some fish owners worry that their betta cannot survive without one, this is definitely not the case. Betta fish have evolved over many years in shallow puddles and slow-moving streams where…