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We are a team of fish enthusiasts who have come together to share our love of fishkeeping with the world. Our teams of experts provide in-depth guides and advice on every aspect of fishkeeping, from choosing the right tank to setting up and maintaining a healthy aquarium.

We make it easy for anyone to get started in this fascinating hobby, and we’re committed to helping our customers create beautiful, thriving aquariums that bring joy to their homes.

We believe that every person should be able to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of an aquarium, and we are committed to helping you make that happen.

SEO Manager & Writer

Reza Darmesta Agustiar Avatar

Reza is a digital marketing expert who hails from Indonesia. He first dipped his toes into the digital marketing waters in 2016 and has never looked back.

Reza has been keeping fish tanks for more than 10 years and has written many articles on the subject. His dream is to open an aquarium shop that sells high-end fish tanks and provides consultation services for people who want to set up their tanks.

Reza’s Journey Into the World of Fish-Keeping

I’m not sure when I first became interested in keeping fish, but I know it’s been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. As a youngster, my parents would take me to the local pet store to buy a goldfish.

I would watch them swim around in their little tanks for hours on end, and dream of the day that I could have my own fish tank at home.

Fast-forward to adulthood: after years of saving up and researching the best types of fish tanks and equipment, I finally bought my first aquarium. It was a small 10-gallon tank, but it was perfect for me and my new fish friends.

Over time, I gradually upgraded to bigger and bigger tanks, until eventually, I had a massive freshwater aquarium that was the centerpiece of my home.

Now, after years of keeping fish, I’ve decided to share my knowledge and passion with others by starting this blog. I’ll be posting regular articles on everything from setting up your first fish tank to choosing the best freshwater fish for your unique situation.

Social Media Manager & Writer

Winahyu Drajat Wibisono Avatar

Wibisono is a breeder and exporter of freshwater ornamental fish. He began his breeding journey in 2018 and has since established a reputation for providing high-quality and healthy fish to customers both domestically and internationally.

Wibisono specializes in breeding betta, guppy, flowerhorn, and goldfish. With a passion for ornamental fish, he is dedicated to expanding his business and sharing his expertise with the world.

From Hobby to Business: A Fish Breeder’s Journey with Winahyu

One of the things I’m most passionate about is breeding fish. I’ve been doing it for several years now, and it’s always such a thrill to see baby fish swimming around in my tanks.

I’ve bred everything from common goldfish to more exotic species like discus fish, and  I’m always looking to add new breeds to my collection.

Since then, I’ve bred the following freshwater fish:

If you’re thinking about breeding fish, I recommend doing your research first. There are a lot of different factors to consider, such as water quality, tank size, and the type of fish you want to breed. But if you’re up for the challenge, it can be a really rewarding experience.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and that it inspires you to start your fish-keeping journey!

The Story Behind Epic Fish Tank

We created this site because we noticed a lack of comprehensive knowledge about fish-keeping for all levels of experience. We created this site to share everything We’ve learned about fish keeping so that everyone can enjoy the hobby as much as we do.

When we launched EpicFishTank.com, it was with the goal of helping other fish enthusiasts create beautiful and thriving aquariums. We know that with the right advice, anyone can have a successful tank—and that’s what I aim to provide. Feel confident trusting the advice you find on this site!
Contact us for any questions or concerns you may have about your fish, we will be happy to help!